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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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Session 2

Here's a recap of our lesson on September 20th:

Each of you brought a fruit (3/4 apples) and we tasted them and compared them with another local apple I recently picked at Fishkill Farms.

We all agreed that the local apple tasted the best.

We then watched this video to learn a bit about the impacts of transporting food.

we moved on to the cooking segment of our class and made peach cobblers. We had another quick taste test of peaches, one from a local farmers market, and one from an organic farm in California (packaged in a plastic box).

As we chopped the peaches and mixed our ingredients we discussed what was the most striking fact we encountered while watching the video; you mentioned growing cows, and transporting beef as a negative impact on the environment, and growing backyard gardens, as a positive one.

We had a short dishwashing lesson, and while we waited for the cobblers, you worked on a seasonal, birthday dinner for Sophie, using the Local Food Wheel.

For homework:

find a local Farm Share or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), tell us what the farm's model is for selling their produce, in addition to the CSA (for example pick your own, farm store, farmers market), and give us 5 details about the farm, its location, its owner, what they grow, how they grow food or any other interesting fact.

For example: Stone Barns Center

They have a summer/fall CSA (June-November) people need to sign up for starting February. The farm also has a farm store that sells produce, meat, chicken, eggs and flowers. Stone Barns Center is a "nonprofit farm, education, and research center with a mission to catalyze an ecological food culture". It was founded in 2004 and organically grows vegetables, some livestock, bees, and flowers. it's located in the Hudson Valley, near Tarrytown and Pleasantville and is open to the public. On the farm grounds they have the restaurant Blue Hill founded by Chef Dan Barber, as well as a cafe.

Sep 22, 2022

Let me know if you have any questions :)




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