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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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January 17

We spoke about the experience of cooking at the food pantry the previous week and raised some difficulties in managing a cooking event off site, whether it was challenges in getting settled, finding what to do, communicating with patrons, and needing to be flexible. We also spoke how satisfying it is to create personal connection with people and sharing our knowledge and skills with a broader community.

We made sweet potato gnocchi, and while the dough was resting we spoke about what food insecurity means and what food deserts are, how they are created and what the possible solutions might be.

January 24

We will visit Wegman's grocery store, which is very close to Crawford Mansion. The whole lesson will take place there. Let's meet at 6:15-7:30.

In preparation for this week's tour, please read the following page, and watch this video (just until 3:20).

We will learn how to shop for the best produce, compare prices, find the best technique for grocery shopping to fit personal needs, try to stick to a budget, as well as give attention to food labels.


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