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Grassroots Kitchen, founded by Renana Shvil of Fiddleheads Cooking Studio, is a food education training program for teens who, we believe, have the capacity to take on significant responsibilities, and become full partners in the mission of educating our community about the impacts of food and its sources. Too often, cooking classes are treated as indulgences or add-ons to traditional curricula; with the help of our trained teenagers, we would be able to reach more individuals and families and create a more food engaged community, mindful of  the sources of our food, its preparation and impacts.

The participants in our program will be informed of the impact of food choices on the body, community and environment. They will be encouraged to take their knowledge back to their families and communities and will be provided with opportunities to become food educators in different settings. It is through the study of theoretical food related concerns and practical, hands-on cooking program - that will also include preparation of meals for families in need - that the participants will gain an understanding of food systems and find ways to make an difference in their community. We hope to inspire our graduates to become the next generation of food advocates.

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