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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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November 22, Session 8

We dedicated our whole class to cooking sides and a dessert to 3 refugee families from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

We made: roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts, stuffing muffins using this recipe (we modified by replacing flax seed powder for an egg), and pear, apple and cranberry cobblers.

We received this thank you letter from ReSet

Download PDF • 73KB

November 29, Session 9

We started discussing FOOD WASTE by watching this video.

We then made home-made ricotta cheese. While the cheese was straining, You all did a quick research on the following companies.

  1. White mustache :

  2. Misfit market:

  3. Watermelon water:

  4. Full Cycle:

If you'd like to get to know other organizations that deal with utilizing food waste to deal with food hunger, check out these links:

We continued by making vegetable pancakes using the whey stained from our cheese, instead of milk, and then made pesto using the carrot tops. We plated a complete meal of beautiful deep-pink carrot and beet pancakes, with a creamy ricotta cheese and a savory, garlicky gorgeous carrot leaf pesto. By the end of class we had almost zero waste.


I highly recommend watching the movie Wasted! if you have HULU.

if you don't, read this article, and comment your thoughts on either the movie or article.

For our cooking portion next week, we will attempt at making a meal from waste; please bring a vegetable that you would normally throw out or another product that the expiration date has passed (milk or yogurt for example). It should be challenging and interesting!!

Holden Skaggs
Dec 13, 2022

Are we still bringing those vegetables this week or was that just for last week?



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