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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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January 24

We visited Wegman's and had a short tutorial about picking out fresh produce.

You then had a scavenger hunt to find the following things:

  1. a local food

  2. a healthy snack

  3. a packaged food with less than 5 ingredients

  4. a food with confusing labeling

  5. a seasonal fruit or vegetable

Lastly you had to pick out food for a family of 4, shopping on a budget of $175 (snap budget).

We donated the food we purchased to the Northern Westchester Community Center.

January 31

We made Milk Bread and summarized our experience at Wegman's.

We discussed the following:

  1. How did it feel to shop with a budget?

  2. What did you look for when picking out items?

  3. Did you look at labels and ingredients list?

While the bread was baking we looked at our receipt and tried to identify which items were a smart purchase, and which were probably out of our budget.

We enjoyed eating some bread with fresh jam :)

February 7

We started by talking about Mac and Cheese what it means to us, and raised some food memories. For all of us it symbolizes comfort food, childhood, and something that was easy to make and is ready in 10 minutes.

We then made home made Mac and Cheese, and Annie's boxed Mac and cheese. While it was cooking/baking we read some pages from the book Grocery and discussed:

  1. How we think grocery stores changed our relationship with food

  2. what we think of the statement "No Food is Healthy"

Download PDF • 1.90MB

Download PDF • 966KB

February 14

We made home made pasta with roasted beet pesto.

Taking turns shaping then pasta, you all drafted short introductory emails to your public libraries. I will keep working on those and send them out so that we can schedule a lesson for us to teach together by the end of the year.

Lastly, we watched the interview I did with Jessica, the nutritionist, answering the questions we gathered from the last couple of weeks.


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