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Food Ambassadors 22-23

Public·7 students

February 28

We had phone calls with Public Libraries to discuss the cooking program and schedule a lesson by the end of the year.

March 7

We had a zoom session about lesson planning.

See the Google Doc for reference.

You each picked a recipe to make at our future library lesson.

March 14

We had a zoom session with Eric Dawson from the Yellow Farmhouse Education Center clarifying GMO's and discussing pros and cons.

We also read this article to start discussing the ethics of food, which are generally divided to 3 categories:

Animal welfare, social justice and environmental impact.

March 21

We heard from Hana Epstein about food and the environment, and then starting discussing labels on chocolate packages.

We made Chocolate Molten Cakes, and while those were in the oven we read these articles about ethical labeling, egg labels and an example of fair trade chocolate farming from the book The True History of Chocolate.

We also had a quick look at


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