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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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Session 3

On October 11 we continued our discussion of local and seasonal food, and deepened the understanding of how it impacts not only the environment, but also the community.

We started by cooking a seasonal meal: Tuscan Kale and Squash Soup and Flat Breads, to which we added some fresh herbs (thyme, sage and oregano).

As we were cooking you presented the farms you researched: Ox Hollow, in Connecticut, Deep Roots in NY, and Lancaster in Pennsylvania. All farms have different types of CSA's some sell at farmers markets.

While our soup was cooking and our dough was resting, we heard from Will Wedge, a founding member of the Chappaqua Farmers Market Board. He explained how and why they started the market about 12 years ago, their guiding principles in choosing vendors and what the impact is on the community.

We then quickly rolled out our dough, and fried it on a cast iron skillet.

While we enjoyed our dinner, we brought up some new facts we learned. for example "Local" is considered within 200 miles away and that the market considers prices of products when choosing vendors.


You will each need to plan a seasonal meal according to the following:

Try to think of what you most crave during that season and what is available in our region. I'm also attaching the introductions to each season in Diana Henry's cookbook A Change of Appetite, which will be a good guide (look at the PDF file below). I'll bring the book to our next lesson so you can have a look at it. You can also skim through this article, to give you more food for thought...

PLEASE, post your full menu (appetizer, main dish and dessert) on the comments to this post, so everyone can see it :)

Download PDF • 1.14MB

Charlotte: Spring

Holden: Summer

Shayna: Fall

Sophie: Winter

Shayna Berman
Shayna Berman
Oct 18, 2022


Appetizer: Pumpkin soup

Main dish: Ravioli with sage butter sauce

Dessert: Apple crumble



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