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Grassroots Kitchen 23-24

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November 14

We continued speaking about food and community by first exploring how the music we listen to and identify with can tell a story about us, and then talking about what food we identify with.

I shared the food that tells a story about me - Shakshukah - and we made two versions of it Green Shakshukah and a tomato/pepper Shakshukah.

We learned how to dice an onion, and you can watch this video to review the method. We also learned how to mince garlic and release the aromas of different spices (caraway, cumin and paprika) in the oil, quickly followed by adding liquids to the pan.

We spoke about Thanksgiving food, and how sharing traditional holiday dishes is a kind of a "welcome to America" for refugee families.

While our eggs were cooking in the 2 sauces we read this article about the Food as Culture.

Next week we will cook for 3 refugee families. Here's what we decided to cook:

  1. Mashed potatoes

  2. Brussels Sprouts/Green Beans

  3. Cranberry Apple Sauce

  4. Apple Galette

I'm exploring the option of making turkey meatballs as well.

Please be prepared to cook next week, we have lots to do in our short time, and it'll be great if you could stay until 8:30/8:45 to pack up and clean our kitchen.

Looking forward :)


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