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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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April 18, 2023 - SCHOOL LUNCH

This week we discussed school lunch. We heard from each of you how long you have to eat at school, and what are your favorite and least favorite school meals. We then went on to read the following articles about the history of school lunches in America, and the politics around it:




We then moved on to watch a short video about Brigaid

And lastly we made breakfast for dinner according to Dan Giusti's video

April 25, 2023 - BREAD

We first heard from Sophie about her experience teaching at the Interfaith Food Pantry.

We moved on to stretch our focaccia dough that was made nearer that days with this recipe:

We continued by reading Dan Barber's piece about growing wheat:

After we had a bit of background, we met with Anne, head baker from LMNOP Bakery to hear about her experience baking for the community and opening a bakery and cafe in Katonah:


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