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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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May 9, 2023 - Rice

We started by listing rice dishes we know and love and then labeled them according to country of origin. We then looked at this list of illustrated rice dishes from all over the world and see if we knew them:

We continued by chopping up lots of different herbs to make Sabzi Polo, an Iranian herbed rice dish.

as the rice cooked we read the following article.

We watched some of this video and got acquainted with Michael Twitty's work.

We had a short discussion of food and identity in light of different rice dishes.

We then enjoyed eating the Sabzi Polo.

We had a cheese tasting class with Jessica Galen from Bloomy

See Zoom recording below.

We read this article to understand the reasons for the dairy surplus in the US, and had a short discussion.

Lastly, we brainstormed about ways to promote Grassroots Kitchen and find students for next year's program.


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