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Food Ambassadors 22-23

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Session 6, November 1, 2022

We started by making apple galettes. We sliced apples, rolled out dough, arranged the apples and folded the dough over the apples. While the galettes were in the oven we watched the last 15 minutes of Dan Barber's episode of the Chef's Table.

We then connected with Tom Deacon from Fable Farm (partial zoom recording below), and had a discussion about the farm to table movement.

Some interesting points that arose from watching the episode and our discussion with Tom:

* organic/sustainable/regenerative farming practices are better for the soil, and result in more nutritious and better tasting food.

* the farm to table movement isn't affordable for most people.

* you expressed the interest in hearing from a farmer who doesn't practice organic growing methods.

* the connection between farmers and chefs is interesting

* you commented on how organic farming, according to Tom, could be a bit unpredictable, and how that could be a problem when consumer expectation in set to certain ways.


For next week:

Holden and Charlotte: please explore Row 7

Sophie and Shayna: please explore the Ark of Taste

here are some point you should be able to report on:

  1. What kind of organization in it, what do they do?

  2. Who leads the efforts (chefs, farmers or anyone else)

  3. what do you think is the organization's strength and does it have a weakness?

We will keep discussion organic farming, and do a short reading in pairs during class. We will also make some stuffed squash, and discuss our first community service opportunity.


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